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Jesus stoned not alone yet

February 04, 2016
Jesus stoned not alone yet

Some people choose one genre - another they deny. Another - the name: these will listen, others - no way!
But there are those who can smooth aggression, bulging out from one. And awaken from the lethargy another.
Band named Stoned Jesus they are!

You can listen to their last album Stoned Jesus - The Harvester. It begins boldly and vividly until ... Here come the Robots, yep. Next song flow like a river or mindflow, it's idea - one wound cured - another caused. Sound becomes more viscous and dark. Atmosphere of philosophy envelops you - enslaving your ears or releasing your mind from the shackles.
Until the end of album.
"You don't know what you've done...

End of cycle - The Harvester on the way to you! ...The undertaker lights his torch"
Next time - other impressions.

Do you want to explore the sources of their inspiration? You'll bet! There's another side of this stone - the band plays a song of other, and vice versa. Or maybe not?
Check it here - Stoned Jesus and Date Rape.

Sources may differ according to the value, meaning and application of the results. But at the beginning - the seeds.
Their The Seeds, Vol 1 sound this way.