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New thrash metal albums addition

December 31, 2015

It's thrash from Antipeewee - Madness Unleashed, and fathers of thrash and metal classics -
 Anthrax - For All Kings CD1 with bonus hit by them - CD2!.

It's hard to describe what is happening in the soul of a person - who does not accept any restrictions! No regrets, no remorse - maybe, Cthulhu helps him?! NOUP! Or destroy all around with hammer?! NOUP! Just thrash! So - U can understand these guys - listen to their music!

And hold their fury on a leash - your ears, minds and hearts! Antipeewee - Madness Unleashed need your support!

But fury has limits and borders, madness has different values... Want to check it out?
Combine styles, split and merge frames - they do it! Want to check it out? Do not believe? Listen to their music!
Antrax can combine styles, split and merge limits and smash all who are against them!
And they done it!