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Rotting Christ and STRYVIGOR

February 12, 2016

From the beginning, the world of mysticism and darkness surrounds you.
Mysterious atmosphere appeals to demons or angels? Yes, there is Rotting Christ - Rituals.
It's hard to imagine the atmosphere created by the compositions of this album.
Angels or their cherubims can hear one, demons and their servants - other side of music.
Melodies and music surround you, taking away in a fantasy world - on the "Rituals" you get to the dark mass...
or a kind of dark ritual.

The album was attended by guests who were able to enrich the "Rituals" their features. They bring their charisma here.
Among them, vocalist The Magus (Necromantia), performed in the track "In Nomine Dei Nostri", actress Danai Katsameni (National Hellenic Theater), gloomy occult voice heard on "Elthe Kyrie", Vorph (Samael), imperiously citing Charles Baudelaire in "Les Litanies De Satan (Les Fleurs Du Mal)", Paradise Lost frontman, Nick Holmes and his monologue on "For A Voice Like Thunder" and Kathir (Rudra) in "Devadevam". Classics forever persists - not fading out: the Rituals ended by cover of Demis Roussos band - Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen.

You still in this atmosphere and want to taste something like this and different?
Darkness gets everywhere unnoticed. No need to refuge - just look around. The wind whispers in the leaves of trees, in smereka's needles, echo does leaves you. Ages will forget - people can't.
Someone - doesn't leave - Stryvigor - Забуте вiками.
Carpathian mountains around - ancient trees, sky over them. Wind whisper song in it and if you want to know more - just listen to Stryvigor - До Прiрви Холоду.
And - maybe you'll hack your way in smerekas to see the ancient light and mystical life of nature?