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Despair and hopelessness acts reached the limit - new era is coming

June 23, 2017
Elegy Of Madness - New Era

Variable, insinuating motives entrains into Apokalypsis realms, the entering guitars creates shades of symphonic mystery. When the singing lady enters - the instruments speeds up the pace, adding unrestrained drive to the song. The cosmic melodies of the bridge before the chorus calms this impulsive rush, bringing considerable amount of romanticism.
In a leisurely, haggard journey, we get Answer, entwined with gentle and sensual melodies. It sounds like romantic ballad invoking tender emotions and manifestations of love.
Orchestral parts of wind instruments with hidden key notes are charmingly combined with violins - then the orchestra raises its parties to the top of aspirations, supplemented by a dense and viscous rhythmic drumming dance. The singing lady brings to this Fairytale the final patch of the bright mosaic.
After a furious combination of orchestrations with instrumental rabies, female vocals leads the story of Lunacy. The rest of the instrumental parts surrounds vocal phrases with guarding vortexes, making up protective spells.
Title Elegy Of Madness - New Era album's track creates the riddle, the solution of which can't be found among present or available opportunities, it is necessary to create a new era. The instruments only complement the restrained and sensual vocal history in the verse, creating cosmic phenomena in the chorus. But the vocals remains on top of the musical image, using the support of instrumental associates.
The ornate melodies of the introduction pierces Divine Obsession as leitmotif, experiencing many incarnations in a variety of styles. Vocal begins with a muffled whisper, gaining emotional coloring and striving for operatic sound.
The violin orchestra with a guitar fingering creates gentle, romantic atmosphere, enveloping the words of the singing lady with a soft veil of symphonic shawl. Further, the Memories River ballad creates so sensual romantic image, evoking memories of past experiences.
Hard, convulsive drive nervously rolls over the introduction of Endless track. Appeared female vocals appeals to symphonic passages and smooth out the unevenness of the torn drive, creating a charming and inspiring image, from listening to which nothing can distract.
Melody collects power after his procession, showing the Illuminated leitmotif in the introduction. Vocals alternate with chants, changing styles and performances.
Sage broadcasts his instructions in Latin, calling for reflections on the destinies of essences. But Nobody Cares about future, the singing lady laments gently and perplexedly about this indifference, then the instrumental symphony complements this fairy tale with vivid images.
Anxiety and emotions are seen through the soft and melodic atmosphere of a sensual and romantic ballad, Reset supplementing the melodic image with bright, but disturbing notes So beautiful, delightful and inspiring instrumental symphony Day Zero completes the album, completing the exquisite orchestration with choruses on the background.