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It is worth looking for clues to the emerging riddles

November 13, 2020
The Northern - Imperium (EP)

Musical reflections are entwined with an obscure intrigue of the Alpha mysterious introduction, combining futuristic notes with an epic symphony and ending the final fragment with pulsations of a mid-tempo drive, creating motives for the expectation of the development of a romantic introduction of the Purgatory composition, developing the musical constructions of the The Northern - Imperium (EP) album with a bright guitar solo intro, then complementing the musical essence with furious narrative drive and vocal narrative drive and vocal narrative drive. It should be noted that the power and fury of music and vocals sometimes recedes, for the manifestation of jazz elements and brooding improvisations of instrumental passages.
The title track Imperium accentuates the rhythm of the narrative and the futuristic fracture of the rhythmic structure, intertwining musical variations and rhythmic essence in progressive dance, sometimes supplementing the dominant growling of the vocal part with screaming phrases and varying the tempo and rhythmic essence of the musical sound. After final reflections and a mysterious pause with rhythmic beats, like echoes of a battle march, the Circadian Effect song enters a majestic guitar solo that sets the direction for the development of the main motive, iridescent threads of a romantic guitar solo, furiously and uncontrollably accelerating the pace with the introduction of vocals, but then returning to the majestic anthem. The incredibly artistic sound of the guitar solo of the intro of the final composition of the album Midori completes the progressive essence of its sound, enveloping it in epic veils of ancient legends, pierced by echoes of futuristic passages.