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This mind is always in sorrowful thoughts

November 13, 2020
A.A. Williams - Forever Blue

Sadness and sad thoughts of a wise lady, intertwining the All I Asked For (Was To End It All) vocals reflections with keyboard notes and a sad symphony, begins the A.A. Williams - Forever Blue album with an atmosphere of sadness and reflections. The vocal phrases of the singing lady, complemented by the background pulsations of the bass guitar, continue to be in the foreground of the Melt composition's sound and musical narration. But then the music complements the sound with a pulsating drive, combined with vocal phrases in a mesmerizing dance.
Folklore notes and vocal reflections of female vocals are combined in the Dirt leisurely waltz, then complementing and alternating the phrases of the singing lady and the soft tunes of the male vocals. The female vocals are in incredible sadness, combined with the tunes of an acoustic guitars to create an incredible unification of sadness. But then the Fearless music rises in the dignified banners of the dark anthem, complementing the twilight sadness of the singing lady with the harsh chants of a male growling.
Female vocals, remaining in the foreground of the Glimmer musical image of a romantic ballad, are complemented by the background singing of male vocals, uniting in a vocal duet. The sorrowful chants of the singing lady create an atmosphere of majestic sadness, which is then complemented by an orchestral symphony into the Love And Pain song's unity of musical grief.
The Wait vocals part, intertwining in the atmosphere of twilight unity with a leisurely musical symphony, creates a lace of pensive sadness. The I'm Fine track ends the album with a romantic combination of acoustic keyboard passages and vocals mourning.