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It is so hard to understand that

February 04, 2022
Spurgum, 2016 -  Sprgm

The acoustic guitar solo anticipates the opening of the musical gates of the Spurgum - Sprgm album, then continues with a meaningful and solemn guitar solo, preparing for the outburst of the free-spirited and rebellious Jarvenpaa vocals outrage that piles on the acceleration of the musical drive. The Sotapaa track progressively and artistically fractures the rhythmic structure, bringing an intriguing mystique to the composer's musical findings, enchanting the progressive artistry of the sound.
The mystical mystery of the Manoptikon introduction brings subtle echoes of epic tales and medieval lore to an intriguing sound that centers on a pulsating mid-tempo march with intro vocals and develops into a more vivid and meaningful picture of the Lintu epic ale, enchanting the listener with the mystery of twilight musical mysteries.
With the vocal part at the forefront of the musical image, the Valkoinen Lippu song raises the banner of freedom and the true spirit of rock'n'roll, bringing echoes of mystical medieval motifs to the guitar solo of the instrumental part. The fast-paced, death-defying Pyramidin Kivijalkaan dance soars in a whirlwind of drive, complementing the sound with oriental motifs of instrumental bridges.
The fury, drive and power of the intro sweeps away any obstacles in its path, rolling out the musical canvas for the Sarkofagi On Auki harsh march, anticipating the album's most versatile and wide-ranging Valomuna composition, completing it with artistic variety and progressive mystique.