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Let us choose another path

February 05, 2022
Refestramus, 2021 -  Decoupage

The rhythmic groove pulses at the beginning of the Emeline song, then continues with the unity of vocal inspiration and musical melody.
Then the musical canvas of the Refestramus - Decoupage album continues with trilogy - at the beginning the Wasteland, Pt.1 composition opens its musical narration, supplementing the artistic vocal narration with symphonic keyboard background and decorating the sound with instrumental grandeur of instrumental bridges. Then the introduction of the Wasteland, Pt.2 track is a narration about memories from the past events, interspersed with mysterious keyboard passages. Then the progressive sounding of the Different Eyes song takes away from the development of the trilogy, combining music and vocals in a charming waltz, and then the Wasteland, Pt.3 romantic ballad completes the trilogy with tender and sensual variations of the unity of music and vocals.
Confessions of the mistakes of youth envelops with the enchanting artistry of the sound of the I Was Young and Stupid composition.
The next part of the album is devoted to the ideas of Russia, its peculiarities and what the authors of the album are missing, first supplementing the sound of the I Adore You (feat. Екатерина Скво) («Я обожаю тебя») romantic ballad with Eastern motifs, then intriguing playfulness of sounding with voicing the name of the Agent Mikrovolnovka (feat. Nathan James) («Микроволновка, воробей») song in the chorus charms with unexpected revelations. Rolling in waves of restrained drive, the Another Country track raises the vocal phrases to the crest of these waves. The symphonic introduction with a majestic organ solo opens the gates for the sound of the Memory Eternal («Вечная Память») (feat. Jemma Heigis) symphony, in which certain notes of melodicism are added to the music by the vocal phrases of the invited lady who begins her vocalize, setting the motifs for the sound of the final part. The Devil's Visitation (feat. Derek Pavlic) enigmatic symphony closes the album with a twilight mystery with notes of gothic romance and vocal emotionality.