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It is so hard to find universal key

November 07, 2019
Vseravno - Ключ ко всему

An inspiring musical background creates an appropriate sphere for vocal confessions, leisurely and deliberately discussing their essence. The final phrase of the Дай мне слово composition goes into the first phrase of the next song Я все еще верю of the Vseravno - Ключ ко всему album, convincing of inflexibility, reading out the vocal part of the verse as a recitative and exploding with a whirlwind of emotions of vocals in the chorus, returning the shades of the musical essence of the previous composition.
Keyboards notes are shimmering in sparkling waves and begins the До конца composition with romantic trends, then the vocals transform the ballad with a compressed recitative, sometimes transforming the vocal part with an explosion of emotions of extreme vocals and female vocals.
The romantic tunes of female vocals Бездна are the introduction of the Человек должен жить song, preserving the essence of the mesmerizing romance, but complementing them with the explosive drive of extreme vocals. The thoughts of the wise old man complete the composition.
Vocal phrases come to the forefront of the musical image of the Всё, что у нас осталось song, rolling the verse with recitation and raising the banners of emotions with extreme vocals in the chorus. Again, Впусти vocal confessions, already intertwined in recitative, serve as an introduction to the Запомни меня таким composition, in which vocal variations elevate emotions and emotions to transcendental limits, focusing on the search and recognition of one's own essence.