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Uncertainty and ignorance breeds fear

November 06, 2019
Tool - Fear Inoculum

The title track begins the Tool - Fear Inoculum album with a leisurely wandering spirit, slowly and peacefully dazzling impressions of long adventures, but preserving an incredible calm in the vocal part and progressive musical variations.
Inspirational tunes of the Pneuma main motif is shimmering with sparkling variations, while retaining a bewitching reverie along with the phrases of the vocal part. Again enveloping vocal phrases with ghostly vortices of ancient legends, the Invincible composition poses many unsolved riddles, intriguing musical variations with mesmerizing progressive artistry.
Music escalates the restrained accents of anxiety and doubt, the Descending vocals restrains these passages with inspiring promises, leaving the music in a whirlwind of pensive dance. But after thoughtful experiences, Culling Voices music and vocals intertwine in a bewitching dance, weaving lace of meditations, doubts and experiences.
The instrumental suite Chocolate Chip Trip weaves an incredibly complex lace of progressive musical passages, introducing certain trends of space rock. The album closes with the 7empest song, somewhat enlivening the sound of mysterious epic motifs and introducing some elements of drive and energetic guitar riffs with harder music and vocals.