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And what is the meaning of this faith?

November 07, 2019
Hour Of Penance - Misotheism

The clanking of the executioner's axes and the Mass Crucifixion of Kings impending procession of the orchestra, paying tribute by the saddened suite of classical music, create the introduction of the Hour Of Penance - Misotheism album, which continues with the harsh echoes of the guitar solo, interwoven into the harsh stream of majestic drive along with inspired phrases of vocal growling, forming Blight and Conquer sound as impressive unity of melody and power.
Setting an exciting musical phenomenon immediately in the introduction, Fallen from Ivory Towers then very artistically and progressively plays musical and vocal variations, preserving the mesmerizing unity of artistry and power. Curling a bewitching intrigue with the introduction, The Second Babel is then carried away on the wings of an unbridled drive, while preserving a bewitching melodism and captivating the unimaginable temptation of musical and vocal variations to listening again and again!
The Lamb of the Seven Sins introductory guitar solo escalates an atmosphere of doubt and disturbing forebodings, then the vocals and music pump up a powerful shaft of stern and drive, sweeping away any obstacles from the way. The song closes with a mesmerizing guitar solo that recedes before the gloomy drive of the Flames of Merciless Gods song, that is rolling with the introduction of vocals as the mid-tempo march of the dark anthem.
Turning the bends of the main motive slows their spin with the introduction of vocals, then returning to the deadly spins of musical blades in the bridge, combining the power of the drive and the majestic tunes of the solemn anthem in the Sovereign Nation chorus. Dura Lex Sed Lex continues the musical motifs of the previous song, with the introduction of vocals, progressively and fascinatingly combining a mid-tempo drive with a pulsating march.
Forcing the waves of severe drive Iudex in the chorus raises the banners of solemn valor. Slowly strolling through the musical passages of the introduction Occult Den of Snakes slowly and inspirationally completes the album, marching on the verge of a heroic saga and an inspired anthem of legendary exploits.