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It is impossible to understand and to know all

October 22, 2016
Nahash - Daath

Demonic sacrament difficult to dispel, many religions and beliefs have tried ... but Nahash - Daath still exists!
Exalted and wonderful keyboards motifs begins Arcanum Triste fairy tale, then the composition is saturated with violent guitar riffs and vocals that screams because of its embittered rage.
Mysterious bells and chants mythical essences and ghostly spirits opens Wellone Aeternitas saga. Then the guitar riffs combine unrestrained and beautiful melody with wrathful unbridled rage, unite it with angry vocal phrases. Keyboard passages soar over this dark beauty, as if the ghosts of incredible and inaccessible.
Lovely and divine organ notes formed in a wonderful instrumental Desiderium Non Existere Est Lux Sanctitatis.
Rage and fury Aurora Borealis splashes out, rabies and wrath scatters all around, tearing anything and everything into pieces angrily. The melody is carried in a furious rush, varying the pace and structure with hatred and malice vapour.
Mystic, mysterious and demonic Tenebrae Mortiferae serves as an introduction to Aula Glacialis, deeply and mysteriously develops the sacrament, adept of the unknown cult casts magic spell of a mysterious ritual, filling the surrounding area clouds impenetrable darkness.
Mysterious dark breath and screams of the doomed combines in the intro of Marche Funebre, continued to march slowly and gloomily under the far howling winds.
Fierce and furious guitar parts are woven together into a beautiful and melodious Mysterium Tremendum, combining anger and lyrics - like a rose with thorns, covered with black venom.
The title track Daath begins mysteriously intriguing, combining winds that howls so far and the distant shadowy breath. Then the guitar riffs directs the story in a single line with music, surrounding the mysterious vocal phrases with ornate patterns of instrumental ornaments, wrapping it with melodious and romantic breaks.
An unhurried romantic story Lacrimosa Lacrimis Sanguineis brings back memories from the depths of the mind, enveloping atmosphere of fairy legends and wonderful chronicles.
Crying like an ancient violin melody sings the first notes of the Requiem, continuing romantic ballad of black grief and colorless sorrow under the pouring rain. Then the clouds darkness are gathering so that vocal story drags guitar riffs and melodies mysterious air fairies to break free from that doom. But the song ends as well, lyrically and gloomy as it had begun.