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It is essential to find and collect all the fragments of wonder

January 09, 2022
Wonders - The Fragments of Wonder

The vocal part takes over the reins of the musical journey of the Good & Bad song, taking the musical motifs to follow the indicated path, allowing for bright guitar solos in the instrumental bridges. The Pretender track continues the musical narrative of the Wonders - The Fragments of Wonder album, enchanting with the sound of the leitmotif in the introduction and diversifying the sound with emotional vocal tenderness. But then the music and vocals condenses the sound, maintaining the sparkling melody and vocal inspiration. The introduction appears in the bass solo, then supported by the rest of the musical instruments and raising the vocal reflections on the crests of the musical waves of the Losing the Dream song in the further development of the musical thought. The instrumental part of the composition fascinates with the progressive artistry of the musical variations.
The power and drive of the Beyond Redemption musical sound are set aside for the vocal experience in the verse, combining in the joint unity of melody and emotionality of the chorus. The Freedom composition continues the same style of sound, paying more attention to the artistry of keyboards passages and vocals experiences. The final part of the composition is preceded by a balladic rapture. Beginning and returning again and again to leisurely epic tales, the Where the Sun Doesn't Shine song sometimes rises in a swift and bright flight.
After an intriguing musical introduction, the Indigo World musical saga impressively combines music and vocals in a single musical stream, anticipating the mesmerizing progressive artistry of the Sacrifice track, enchanting with unexpected melodic transformations. The Miracle of Life song combines ballad romantice and a sparkling blade of bright understated drive, anticipating the album's Fragments of Wonder title track, bringing the album's unity of symphonic charm with musical significance and vocal inspiration to its sound.