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This world is made up of many fragments

January 09, 2022
KAZKA - Svit

Beginning with sad reflections, the Красива Серцем (From "Моя Улюблена Страшко") song then raises the banner of hope and points the way to the best way forward, then continuing the sound of the KAZKA - Svit album with the Автовiдповідач (feat. Runstar) dance composition with echoes of folklor motifs, the Вирулю composition focuses on a futuristic reinterpretation of the folk tunes of the Ukrainian people.
Somewhat transforming the unity of ancient motifs with their futuristic incarnation, the Острiв (feat. Runstar) concludes the musical bars with flute tunes. The sound of the Поруч (feat. Alekseev) ballad combines the voice of the singing lady in a romantic waltz with the voice of the guest vocalist, giving sensuality to the musical story, alternating male and female vocal parts in the foreground of the musical image in the verse and combining them in a duet in the chorus.
Returning again to the style of dance music, the Не Своя (feat. Roxolana) track takes you into an unrestrained dance, after which the М'ята ballad takes the singing lady's experience to the top of the musical sea, transforming into an incredibly romantic the Цiлувати Тебе (From "Моя Улюблена Страшко") musical story in which the female vocals share their intimate experiences and future plans that capture the soul and mind in a whirlwind of dreamy ascension.
Starting with charming tunes of folk motifs, the Зiрочка (feat. Tina Karol) song is transformed by the inclusion of a guest star vocalist - one of the brightest stars of the present Ukrainian scene, anticipating the Рiздвяна final composition of the album, where the festive christmas mood of the main vocal is supplemented by chorales of singing grannies, developing the album's folk accents.
However, this release is not without a nice addition - the М'ята (Live At Atlas Weekend 2, Bonus Track) and Поруч (Acoustic Version, Bonus Track) songs demonstrates a different features and variations of the band's artworks.