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It is absolutely necessary to explore this planet

January 11, 2018
Stories From The Lost - Exoplanet

Space motifs with futuristic sparkling notes begin the Stories From The Lost - Exoplanet album with dreamy meditations, then the vocal introduces a deep gloomy cover, slowly overshadowing the surrounding area with the growling. But clean style vocals nervously and sensually displays an alternative to this Ashfall outcome.
The charming melody of the Bleak Daylight main motive from the beginning introduces us into wandering through the airless wastelands, not sitting out in the habitual inhabited spaces. That's very interesting composition, combining a soft atmospheric melody with vocal variety in the instrumental part, even rolling in a wave of gloomy drive.
Wise reflections precede stiff gloomy Dehumanize music, then concomitantly like reflections with brief additions of growling phrases.
As if creating the respite and ambient atmosphere T-Minus, creak and electronic impulses pierce only the mind that is recovering after the hard trials.
Whirling in invisible vortexes of imperceptible ideas, Minkowski musical motifs brings thoughts and emotions to unknown levels, combining vocal speeches with mysterious musical performanses of scientific researches.
Further developing the space theme Obey The Martians wraps us in a mysterious musical twilight, in which, without paying attention to themselves, the vocal phrases of the soft deep growling sound and scientific speculations of the leader of the expedition to the Martian riddles sound.
A.I. Dreams dedicated to scientific concepts, to development of cosmic theories and the quests for the perfection of one's knowledge, completes the album, praising cosmic dreams above the momentary benefits. Vocal sounds against a background of profitable shading melodic features of the musical pattern.