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January 11, 2018
Under Cold Sun - A New Beginning

The pensive The Fleching introduction of the Under Cold Sun - A New Beginning album combines the distant sound of the surf with a guitar search and a muffled symphony. A powerful explosion of violent instrumental passages sets the impetuous flow of so severe Worm drive , which somewhat restrains in its fetters a viscous rough harsh vocal part. Vocal parts combines deep confident tough harsh and nervous anxious screaming.
The title track rolls the waves of average tempo, unhurriedly and confidently unrolling their vocal phrases along the rut of the main motive. In the chorus again and again, adamantly and purposefully accentuates the A New Beginning album's title.
After a restrained and viscous title track, My Pride And Your Lies swings in a fast stream of drive in the verses, sweeping all obstacles out of its way, significantly and severely adding to the chorus the vocal part with a flurry of emotions. In the middle of the song, the drive retreats, bringing to the forefront the sound of thought and thought, but then returns again as unrestrained storm.
Again, the style of the title composition returns in Screaming For The First Time, viscously and leisurely unrolling its story on a musical picture. motif as if reveals expanses of distant stars, illuminating their invisible light surrounding space. Epic melodic guitar passages performs this story as cold, but so bright charm.
Mysterious fog envelops the sound of New Order already from the introduction, asking obscure riddles. Guitar solo complements it with dark charm, together with the connection of the vocals drive seems to pulsate, sweeping the impetuous jerk at the beginning of the bar and ending with a viscous instrumental passage.
After a thoughtful in his gloomy doubts, a rapid hurried verse leads to a chorus in which the mysterious atmosphere of the introduction again envelops the name of the song Empty Eyes from all sides.
Exciting, full of various ideas and motives, the musical extravaganza Faceless Man picks up in a stream of its turns, then alternating with a measured march, then swooping in a fast-paced race.
Eaten Inside screams the vocals immediately, completing this scream with a short phrase, then a furious drive tends to a stunning pace, arranging a small respite along with the chorus.
A tranquil guitar search creates a melodic entourage in the introduction of the last composition of the album, which is so polysemantic and epic that it takes almost half of the album's songs timings.