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The world has to endure so incredible shake

January 10, 2018
Dead By April - Worlds Collide

Thoughtfully and wisely starting, dreamy vocals introduce romantic reflections into the atmosphere of the Dead By April - Worlds Collide album, then a violent growling rushes into battle, but the Crying Over You chorus elevates feelings and emotions over ordinary worries.
I Can't BreatheThe sparkling fog continues to envelop in a romantic haze, from which the vocal growling vocals sometimes appear, complementing dreamy, pure phrases, as if recalling old dreams and imagining more and more.
A discreet drive with electronic impulses is dancing in a futuristic dance while Playing With Fire, then first the muffled screaming then the dreamy clean vocals complement these images of the so far future.
Preparing the jerk for the introduction, the Warrior main motive is sweping in all directions, then again in a bunch of reflections envelop the preparation, but a sharp growling leads to decisive ideas, anticipating the chorus. The main motive looms around vocal phrases that mark both clean vocals and screaming, lost in instrumental palettes, then ascending to the forefront in the Breaking Point chorus.
As if the bardic melodies of the Middle Ages were transferred for millennia forward, sweeping through the ages distorted their pitch, but preserved My Heart Is Crushable pensive romance.
Playful, dancing in meditation, the Can You See The Red composition is replaced by dreamy meditations with sharp raw streams of drive, combining them in the chorus.
The composition, which can be considered the title one, Our Worlds Collide returns the atmosphere of disco 80x, remembering what ballads were at that time. After that, the vocals changes to the scream-growl vocals and introduces a part of the drive, then giving way to a brooding romance and coming back again.
This Is My LifeFinally, extreme vocals dominate the sound, music introduces electronic impulses, creating a gloomy futuristic fog over which electronic keyboards glare. Then the music vzmetaetsya to drive rapid stream, again going back to the dark anxieties.
Sensual vortex of emotions in vocal dreams Perfect The Way You Are creates so charming image, describing all the dignity and charm of a dream worthy of worship as a divine miracle. The album ends with memories of unforgettable native spaces, to which it always wants to return, and from everywhere, in a charming ballad For Every Step extolling the inviolability of these values, supplementing the deep pure male vocal with symphonic and charming instrumental delights.