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Death Rider or not - Too Late To Be Saved for that tequila shot

April 03, 2016
Tekilahell - Beyond The Grotesque

Album Tekilahell - Beyond The Grotesque, not be worried. started by viscous and rolling Burn Your Soul, stretching itself it opens the way for title track Beyond The Grotesque, music in it, similar to the previous one - slow, viscous riffs and various vocal tricks - from harsh to raspy screams.
Melody like on a leash at the beginning of Illusion After The Fall - it wants to break free, cut the shackles, to break the chains, and from time to time, she manages to escape for a short while ... but then chains of rhythm tangling it again!
Drums starts Too Late To Be Saved forth average rhythmic pace, but at times slows down - tempo game captivates and entangles the mind.
The guitar riff begins the journey of Death Rider. Well, its traveling unhurriedly, rhythmically and viscous. He does not hurries up - it will come someday to all of us!
Cradle Of City slow narration of the cradle of the city. Slightly accelerated only towards the end, with the guitar solo - city grows and raises up! Hustler drivin' beginning of You're Falling continues into the fastest track of this album until the brakes for a short while, and then rush back! A fast spurt of instruments at the beginning of Astral Ghost ends before the vocals, so the story slow and melodious.
Powerful served a glass of tequila in Over Again, begins nervous and doubtful...while chorus tell that "Over and over again": next stack of tequila poured and waiting. And over, and over again!