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Is the sense in any quest that reveals our dreams to return customary?

April 19, 2019
theAngelcy - Nodyssey

Inspirational guitar chords entwined with mysterious instrumental passages of trumpets and violins envelop vocal reflections of the Rising composition that opens the theAngelcy - Nodyssey album for the attention of listeners.
The vocal phrases bring their experiences to the forefront of the musical image, again and again emphasizing I Worry in so wondrous atmosphere enveloped in a romantic symphony.
The main motive lifts vocal reflections on its wings while dancing in a playful rhythm, but the vocals add a touch of sadness to the sound of the Everyone (And Their Mom) song.
Sadness and sadness bring an atmosphere of saddened romance and some blues influences to the sound of the Breakdown composition, however, the vocals seeks to bring encouraging notes.
Sad romance, experiences and juggling with your own emotions and feelings create a fascinating atmosphere of heartfelt sympathy, drawing you into the world of thoughts and responsible decisions by the Cetacean Stranding song.
Soft All Around the Wishing Well romance, intertwining light jazz motifs will add some influences to the lounge, enveloping the vocal part in a soft atmosphere, bringing in some passive recitative passages.
The playful rebellion creates some kind of reggae in the sound of the The Revolution composition, but deviates from the classic style of thoughtfulness to some influence ... it's hard to say about, boyscouts training, or something like that.
Modern musical styles break through the thick of folklore trends and the recitative of vocal narration comes to the forefront of the Mona Lisa track.
Acoustic chime of the strings and Vera vocals ascended to unimaginable heights transform the sound of the album by some surprise.
Rejecting modern trends Holyland returns the musical image to the homage places, bringing a fascinating country spirit.
The title track Nodyssey completes the album by continuing the style of the previous one, bringing the vocal narration to the top of the sound and discarding the rhythm section, settling into a spellbinding acoustic narration.