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This entity will be examined and explored

April 18, 2019
The Ogre (BRA) - Entity

The whirlwind of fierce drive will whip up a fierce storm in the introduction of the Macabre Hooded Spectre song, then the vocals somewhat restrain the swiftness of the musical passages, giving the beginning of the The Ogre (BRA) - Entity album doubts and feelings and attaching progressive shades to the rhythmic structure. The final part anticipates the gloomy romanticism of the acoustic guitar solo of the Room of Broken Mirrors instrumental track, culminating in a mid-tempo wave of a powerful drive enveloping Violent Poltergeist Manifestation vocal phrases with powerful and harsh eddies, rising in instrumental bridges with spellbound guitar solos.
The bass guitar solo opens the gates for the development of the Nightrider fascinating composition that expands the stylistic framework of the album - breaking through the flow of rebellious rock'n'roll through the shroud of progressive musical passages.
The acoustic guitar solo begins the Portals track with sophisticated wistfulness, then the whirlwind of music whips up a mystical haze with a mid-tempo drive, shrouding the vocal phrases of the verse with mysterious motifs, returning to the intro's thought in the chorus and instrumental part.
The Phantasmagoria main motive envelops with its motives already in the introduction, the vocal in some way is transformed bringing the experience to the forefront of the musical image. Guitar solo in instrumental bridges forces the winds of disturbing forebodings.
Solo drums and mystical echoes of the mysterious background create a fascinating veil of the intro, then the ringing of the bell gives a certain epic shades to the beginning of the Vermin composition. In the same sacrament, a further composition develops in the haze of epic keyboard passages. At first, the vocal keeps a deep growling on the musical background, sometimes taking vocals to the side and completing the composition with pensive and soft keyboard and guitar thinking.
Then the Solaris song again expands the stylistic framework of the album, bringing some influence of heavy and power metal.
So inspired and majestic ballad completes the album with fascinating musical passages, again and again emphasizing the Beneath the Rain title in the chorus.