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Invisible light is hidden even in the deepest pit of the darkest abyss

February 28, 2018
The Atlas Moth - Coma Noir

The exciting and sublime temptations of dark charms combine in a fascinating title track's introduction, then the vocals complement the musical picture with their grinding passages remaining on the background of the sound. In the chorus, music creates such a unique and exciting musical whirlwind that further listening to the The Atlas Moth - Coma Noir album does not cause the slightest doubt. Vocal immediately takes its phrases to the forefront of the musical picture, which supports its supremacy with heavy and deep passages. Then emotions and feelings distract from a powerful drive, music creates a symphonic atmosphere. Then this epic part becomes indescribably more beautiful - Last Transmission From The Late, Great Planet Earth continues the title track without diminishing the impression of the album, vice versa! The following composition Galactic Brain develops the cosmic motives of the mysterious universe, presenting a sensual ballad in the atmosphere of universal romance, setting a hard base for the introduction of vocals, very different from the previous compositions - instead of screaming, pure vocalism dominates, although screaming complements the sound with the performing of its shades. Mysterious fog slowly creeps into the surrounding space, the stringent guitar motifs are intriguing, evolving into mysterious sacred mantras. But with the introduction of the vocal The Streets Of Bombay turns on musical power and significance, as if the invisible host of ancient ghostly charms accompanies the legendary creaky screaming of the ancient sage, which the marvelous guitar solo deduces an unfamiliar ornament of wonderful musical patterns.
A powerful and furious motive winks epic vortex around the Actual Human Blood narrative, bringing the premonitions of ancient legends and prophecies, enveloping the invisible mist of predictions and apprehensions, exploding in rapid passages with a nervously screaming voice.
The Smiling Knife main motive immediately manifests itself, then the distorted vocal shades complete the introduction, then developing this narrative into a powerful and restrained growing shaft, then becoming a dark wave of deep premonitions, rolling in with a dense whirlwind of a pulsating march.
So majestic and significant ballad is enveloped in a deep and impenetrable haze, which bright and sparkling guitar passages pierce like flashes of glitter jewels into the Furious Gold intro, then confident and clear march like a hymn glorifying the exploits of former rulers is impressive with a charming sound. Then the dreamy passages of pure vocal complement the majestic sound of the composition.
Again cosmogenic motifs with electronic pulsation penetrate into the introduction The Frozen Crown, then the vocal introduces progressive trends in sound. The album conceals so many valuable elements, novelty and unpredictable insights that it's worth listening to again and again! In instrumental bridges, the so enchanting musical atmosphere fascinates the mind with its unimaginable melodic mystery.
Heraldic drum roll creates an atmosphere of medieval knight tournament, then in the hall for meetings of noble people and court servants Chloroform music creates a magnificent haze of ancient legends and charming fairy tales. So glorious, full of romance and artistry completes the album. So this album and the songs preceding its sound are only inspiring to listen to this musical artwork forever and ever.