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Insufferable violence leaves countless corpses

March 04, 2021
Korpse - Insufferable Violence

Negotiations on the phone, communication and anticipation of future disasters are embodied in the PTSD accession of the Korpse - Insufferable Violence album, which continues by the unrestrained drive of the title composition, which blows up a fragile fraction of the rhythm of the section, placed everything and spreading everything around in a shredder. Then the fierce and deep growling vocals wore a path, braided by the swirl musical dusk.
Again the phrase of the announcer snaps by the guilty, then the music and vocals are woven in the mid-resistant fury of the Disposable Underaged Objects track, which is then accelerated to the verge of medium-dimensional rage, preferring power and severity in instrumental bridges. The Self Preservation is marching in a viscous twilight of a thoughtful anthem, complemented by vocal reflections. A Final Lesson explodes by the stream of a frantic drive, whirling vocal phrases of severe growling vocals. But then the musical pace is inferior to the dominant role of the vocal party, bringing vocal reflections on the forefront of the musical image. The drumming of the drums indicate the path of the frantic drive of entry, then retreating before the guitar solo indicating the path of the Genocidal Bloodbath main motive.
The fierce unrestrainedness of musical frenzy, then the Callousness track gossy in the deadly dance around the harsh vocal phrases. Persistent pulsations of the Vital Transaction mid-tempo march combines music and vocals in a single procession. At first, the Molestation Condonation seems to continue the sound of the previous composition, but then everything is clearer and severely emphasizes the unity of music and vocals in the dark march of the dark anthem. But then there should be some acceleration of the pace, however, in the Epochs of Melancholy final composition of the album, the voice of the magician of the fairy tale is at first it turns to the fore, anticipating the epic guitar solo and the completion of the musical narration.