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Instructions of the method and path of falling in the abyss

October 05, 2021
City Of The Lost - Wasteland Guide

Inspirational instrumental meditation of the Across The Plain Before Daylight track begins the musical narration of the City Of The Lost - Wasteland Guide instrumental album, then continuing to the assertive, rhythmic and mighty sound of the Leave Me Here, You Must Save The Magic Crystal composition. The Rescue unites romantic meditation with a rhythmic confident procession.
Warring anxiety and experiences, the Event Horizon track somewhat changes the musical stylist, at first, not particularly, but then noticeably accelerating the tempo of sound with notes of a restrained drive, continuing to join this direction, complementing it with the shades of the industrial musical genre in the sound of the Misty Factory composition, then diversifying her shades The influence of oriental and other folk motifs. The Latent Threat imposes an anxiety atmosphere and unclear expectations, creating an impenetrable smoke of an unclear mystery.
After the mysterious intro, the sound of the Environmental Consequences composition combines anxiety with despair, giving this background atmosphere of some hope, fully embodied in the sound of the Paradox track, which involves the readiness banners for battles, wars and any trials. The Time Travel To The Beginning creates pensive twilight waiting for future changes, as if waiting with what will have to face the life path. The sound is manifested by progressive brokenness of the rhythmic structure. The Lizard Session (Apr 01, 2038) final album's track adds an atmosphere of live gigs to its music.