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Exile is attracted to understanding

October 05, 2021
Raven Age - Exile

Sensual vocal entries intertwine the lace of a melodic charm of the No Man's Land song. The Wait for Me continues the sound of the Raven Age - Exile album with a romantic ballad. The acoustic intro of the Fireflies song enchants the echoes of forgotten fairy tales and legends.
Romantic tunes of the As the World Stood Still composition are enchanting with a melodic atmosphere, continuing to melodious handles of the A Look Behind the Mask song, and the Dying Embers inspirational ballad combining sensuality and thoughtfulness. A charging guitar chime is combined in a romantic dance in union with vocal experiences, forming a sensual sound of the Hold High the Fleur De Lis song.
The final part of the album makes the memories of living concerts embodied in the sound of the Seventh Heaven (Live in Santiago), Angel in Disgrace (Live in LA), Surrogate (Live in Vancouver) and Forgotten World (Live in London) compositions in which the energy of musical sound is complemented by the perception of fans.