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Gloomy echoes will accompany the memories of all failures

October 05, 2021
Stranglers - Dark Matters

Inspirational and artistic musical entry sets the main motive and then alternates with vocal appeals in the foreground of the Water composition. This Song continues the sound of the The Stranglers - Dark Matters album with more persistent and freedom-loving sound, throwing years and experience and introducing an atmosphere of youth freedom.
After the intriguing accession, the And If You Should See Dave... composition puts forward the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, continuing such a stylistic feature in the sound of the If Something's Gonna Kill Me (It Might as Well Be Love) song with completely different music passages, in which futuristic keyboards are dominated with the extensions of medieval musical motifs.
After a disturbing appeals, the No Man's Land vocal party raises the banners of anxiety expectations. The Lines acoustic ballad acts as entry to the next album fragment, in which very unexpected genre associations are combined in the sound of the Payday composition. The Down composition is permeated with notes of saddened reflections.
The Last Men On The Moon introduces unity vocal inspiration and musical drive. The White Stallion composition rolls the wave of a restrained drive in unity with vocal phrases and futuristic museum solutions. The Breathe completes the album with a romantic ballad.