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Initiation for the ritual sacrament

January 13, 2022
Green Lung - Woodland Rites

The musical mystery intrigues with the further development of the Initiation instrumental composition, which by its very name clarifies and accentuates, which acts as the introduction of the Green Lung - Woodland Rites album, continuing with the development of the motives of the previous instrumental composition in the sound of the title track, combining musical twilight with vocal mystery in a whirl of mystical twilight and unclear omens.
After an intriguing introduction, the Let the Devil In song confidently and insistently brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, rolling in unyielding waves of dense confidence and significance. The Ritual Tree composition after the enigmatic introduction wraps up the atmosphere of enchanting twilight, creating an image of ghostly temptations and enchanting musical fairy tale.
The guitar solo captivates with its introduction, then acts as the main element of the Templar Dawn leitmotif, marching together in a single procession with the vocal mystery, beginning with exclamations and accusations at the beginning of the Call of the Coven composition, then speeding up the tempo a bit and giving the sound a touch of restrained drive until the introduction of the vocal with shades of mystical mystery.
Mysterious reflections of vocal mystery shroud the musical enigma of the May Queen brooding ballad in a vague veil, foreshadowing the conclusion of the concept album with the meaningful and confident solemnity of the Into the Wild composition.