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The future will change everything and everyone

January 13, 2022
Archspire - Bleed the Future

With a swift, powerful and insistent tone, the music and vocals build up an atmosphere of anxiety in the introduction of the Archspire - Bleed the Future album, mesmerizing with the twist and variation in the rhythm of the Drone Corpse Aviator song. But at times, the guitar solos are transformed into romantic reflections, anticipating the final roll-ups with vocals outrage. The powerful drumming of the drums in unity with the guitar peculiarity create a suitable musical backdrop for the vocal introduction, combining in the progressive technicality of the sound of the Golden Mouth of Ruin composition.
The sound of the Abandon the Linear musical creation combines waves of furious drive with symphonic musical structure, combining such contrasting elements in a single musical stream. The Bleed the Future title track powerfully, fiercely, and unyieldingly pummels the rhythmic explosions into the introduction, then again and again elevating the vocal phrases to crests of musical waves.
Beginning with a lyrical and romantic guitar solo, the Drain of Incarnation song then swirls into a whirlwind of artistic unity of fierce drive and melodic revelations. The intriguing mystery of the intro is transformed by the sound of the Acrid Canon epic saga, enchanting with melodic passages in unison with the unbridled fury of dense and intense drive.
Once again, the wistful charm of the echoes of fairy-tale mystical passages sets up the introduction of an incredible unity of progressive technicality and of the incredible brutality of musical deadliness in the Reverie on the Onyx musical image, anticipating the A.U.M. album's final track, in which a certain fan calls the helpline, foreshadowing the explosion of a mid-tempo musical thriller.