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March 08, 2020
Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter

Thoughts and epic mysteries of the unclear echoes of imaginary ghosts explode in the unity of the power of the drive and the mysterious echoes, then the Meltdown music brings the primacy of the drive closer, but pulsates with the mysterious echoes of the unclear mysteries. But Two Steps continues the Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter album with stern vocal appeals, combining vocal rage and musical passages in a single musical stream. It is usual for this band to combine harsh, screaming and growling in a vocal part. Feel Alive continues the musical narrative, marching through the stern march of the mid-tempo anthem, braiding the vocal variations with musical passages.
Exploding with a fast drive in the introduction, the Love Me To Death vocals gives some shades of a ballad and returns the musical essence to a mid-tempo march on the verge of a solemn anthem. Preserving the mid-tempo rhythmic structure In Hiding explodes in a pulsating march, rolling musical turns, raising vocal variations to the top of the musical waves. Burdened by rhythmic thoughts, Death's Anxiety at first deepens the vocal growling, but then again and again breaks the musical structure with vocal variations of screaming and growling.
The twilight veils of the Gothic mysteries of Skin Tight musical obscurity are intertwined with a broken vocal recitative ... this rejects any musical styles, but then the vocals call for musical power to complement their appeals in the austere unity of the mysterious ballad. The Scythe whirlwind of artistic introductory guitar solo weaves in a mesmerizing dance with vocal appeal. The acoustic notes of oriental folklore set the direction for the development of the Serene Obscene main motive, then braiding vocal reflections with a tunnel of whirlwinds of guitar riffs.
The Disaster Valley vocals immediately and uncontrollably explodes in a whirlwind of furious appeals, weaving in anger and power of the musical stream, screaming and growling. But then the epic narration varies the rhythmic component, sending growling into a majestic march. The Become The Hunter title track completes the album, first raising the vocal phrases to the crest of the waves of musical narration, then flying away in an unbridled stream of furious drive, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part and bringing artistry to the guitar solo of the instrumental part.