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The burning eyes of animals burn in the darkness among the ashes

March 08, 2020
Svart Crown - Wolves Among The Ashes

The They Will Not Take Our Death in Vain radio announces speaches are then complemented by guitar riffs and a gloomy atmosphere, then bringing to the foreground a short-term musical drive with vocal growling, after a pause continuing with the fierce anger of a musical thriller, intertwining the harsh streams of growling with the fury of a musical narrative. But then the Thermageddon composition varies the rhythmic structure, complementing the stylistic features of the Svart Crown - Wolves Among The Ashes album with very unexpected variations, the vocals show clear vocals and the enchanting appeals of the majestic anthem, but a swift drive completes the song.
Driving the rhythmic waves of a harsh march, combining a discreet drive with the grandeur of vocal phrases Art of Obedience captivates the listener in the solemn halls of the triumph of melody and fascinating sound. Blessed Be the Fools even more depressing and burdensome musical narrative, slowing down musical passages to painful thoughts.
Preserving the musical motifs of the previous composition, at first At the Altar of Beauty explodes with a stream of rapid drive, after romantic deliberation with a guitar break, the vocals complement the furious musical deiso, in which the trends of oriental musical style are felt. At first rolling the canvas of saddened thoughtfulness Down to Nowhere then complements it with a mysterious vocal whisper, then weaving it in the bewitching mystery of the epic saga.
Walking with the confident grandeur of the solemn march, Exoria begins the vocal part with the significance of severe growling, then complementing the vocal variations with inspired doubts of pure vocals. Again bringing the stylistics of oriental folklore to the forefront of the musical narrative Living with the Enemy ends the album with an epic saga that weaves together an incredible number of eras and musical styles.