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In eternity everything is wrongly perceived

July 12, 2017
Virtual Symmetry - Message From Eternity

Introduction Darkened Space sets the mood of the Virtual Symmetry - Message From Eternity album, invoking invisible spirits from the unreachable expanses of the Universe, unchained dimensions and unprecedented spaces. Program Error (We Are The Virus) continues these ideas, complicating and supplementing the multitude of interpretations with musical ideas, frantically concentrating unconsciousness in the introduction. Then the romance takes over the main role, supplementing with key passages and charming, though not very peculiar - but very pleasant, vocal musical image. In the instrumental part, the space keyboard passages transfer into completely unknown spaces, the vocal tries to supplement from time to time these interesting and unpredictable musical ideas with the shades its sound. In the mirror, the eyes are reflected ... the face, the body is the rest, but they are the Soul's Reflections that percepts as first! Here the vocals come to the fore, uncovering instrumental frills. But, here everything is softer and, culturally speaking, glamorous.
Bass solo guitar opens Pegasus for everyone to join, turning into an additional instrumental improvisation of guitars twisting enchanting passages around the grim axis of the leitmotif. Then these improvisations are followed by keyboards.
Delicate key motives appeal to romantic thoughts, anticipating memories of past experiences. Then the music, sating melody and drive with colors, reassures, supplemented by vocal experiences, asserting - You'll Never Fall Again, never more, in no time!
Soft, restrained and inspiring keyboard solo Silent Sweetness serves as if an introduction to the subsequent composition. But to describe these outbursts of instrumental talent, incredible emotional ideas with a short phrase - as if to cut down its essence: it is necessary to listen! This all-encompassing saga Message From Eternity seems to outline the entire album - the leitmotifs of all the composers are poured out, poured and reborn in uncharted images.