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Exalt the black from north till darkness!

July 11, 2017
Djinn Of Thujone - Praise To The Black

The title track begins the Djinn Of Thujone - Praise To The Black album with tough clear drumroll, along with the viscous riff, with the introduction of the vocal, the whirl of guitar notes swarms over the rhythmic structure, coloring the sound with proud, but gloomy and embittered motives.
The darkness is even more densely and irresistibly enveloping from all sides in the Demon Seed. Vocals becomes more diverse, intermingling screaming with growling in combination with the charming melody of guitars. But then the music breaks in so frenzied rush, completing the melody with a furious drive.
Fury and anger break out from the restraining boundaries, into indignation, emotionally breaking the fetters, restraining in captivity the disgusted order, seeking to abandon all Into The Deep Abyss!
The demonic dance of a witch who conducts gloomy and sinister rituals circling in a dance of monstrous mystical images, drawing into the fog of Suffer A Witch To Live reality.
Saga Revenge Of The Necromancer begins the story with alternating of screaming and growling vocal styles, hurriedly and volatilely broadcasting their stories. Then the instrumental bridge solemnly and significantly divides the legend, only then pressing the vocals to continue their ranting Among the gloomy and harsh outlines of rocks that holding back the piercing northern winds, violent storms and ruthless waves are waving a wonderful, bewitching melody of guitar riffs, accompanying a variety of vocal phrases combining screaming and growling in their The Sun Sets On The North narrations.
Quickly, zealously and swiftly, embodying the breath of the northern winds and the haste of the dark host, Lost To The Void tears off the covers of darkness and sprinkles new ones. Quickly, sharply, confidently!
The Cold Air Brings A Promise Of Death completes the album, captivating by intro with so sparkling melody that conveys as the brilliance of the northern lights. Then, adhering to this charming leitmotif, the rhythm breaks down in an unrestrained dance, again returning to a leisurely shimmering in the chorus.