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Hordes are waiting for an appeal and an indication of the purpose of the invasion

May 05, 2019
 Protector - Summon the Hordes

The gnashing whisper begins the Stillwell Avenue introduction, then the pulsing waves of furious drive roll with insurmountable bursts of rage, revealing the true essence of the fierce Protector - Summon the Hordes album like a thriller, complementing the chorus’s thoughts with the swirling whirlwinds of unbridled rabies.
Then begins a fast-paced festival of high-speed drive, first carried away in race of the Steel Caravan verse, but rising in the chorus by the twilight atmosphere of a mysterious mystery. Then the Realm of Crime composition pumps into the introduction of the dark waves of dark riddles, all accelerating and accelerating the musical parts, carried away in an unrestrained rush with the introduction of vocals.
The Celtic Hammer intro sets the sound of the main motive, introducing meaningful echoes of the atmosphere of ancient legends and marching with confident mid-tempo waves of a harsh march.
Keeping the atmosphere of ancient fairy tales and predictions, teh Two Ton Behemoth track forces more impetuous musical waves, rolling with the swift whirlwinds of fierce drive.
The title composition infuses the impetuous unrestrainedness of the barbarian hordes, rapidly inflating the waves of deadly and belligerent desires calling the Summon the Hordes of all warlords and konungs.
The gloomy gates of ancient narratives lure leisurely developments of legends, but the narrator begins the Three Legions verse with a whirlwind of impetuous narration, instrumental bridges bring in the currents of dark significance, then in the chorus tales is burdened by meaning and slows down the tempo.
The gloomy covers of ancient fairy tales as if come back, but vocal phrases as if tear them apart with the deadly dance of a rifling blade, but instrumental bridges return them again. In the chorus and instrumental part, these stylistic contrasts of the musical image are combined into the Meaningless Eradication single musical canvas.
Drive of the Unity, Anthems and Pandemonium song rolls with insurmountable inspiration, indicating the significance of the main motive with the sound, occasionally introducing hues with instrumental passages and vocal phrases. Furious playfulness, like a demon picks up a beast in unrestrained dance of shadows, where a demonic band at a rock concert appeals to the unity of the forces of evil, the Glove of Love completes the album with a whirlwind of honors to the rock'n'rollorigins.