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Immediate start does not tolerate superfluous reflexions!

August 03, 2018
Kiloton - First Blood

The buzzing guitar part of the He Who Controls the Present Controls the Past introduction flies like an angry swarm of beasts, the rhythmic drums roll their whistle, anticipating an explosion of emotional disorder, swept by the vocal party, neatly sweeping the disgusting order, starting so rebellous album Kiloton - First Blood with so discontented mood.
Title track First Blood continues the album, circling around vocal phrases in the vague dance of musical guesses, again and again changing in mysterious conjectures.
In a fast dance, the vocal part and accompaniment are intertwined in the uncontrollable flow of Live After Death musical extravaganza, drifting away from the constraints, obstacles and barriers.
Vocals and accompaniment are fighting for the dominant position in the Drunk With Blood musical stage, from time to time pushing the perception in their direction. In the instrumental part, guitars stubbornly and persistently continue their perseverance, culminating in vocal revelations in an obscure whisper. The proclamation of the pastor Suicide Church is completed with a stiff sermon, culminating in dark twilight warnings in instrumental bridges, raising fears and apprehensions in an incredible tension. The final part brings to the forefront of sound the pastor's reflections about the destinies of mankind.
The canvas of the musical extravaganza Headed for Annihilation begins mysteriously and progressively, beginning and ening as a gloomy and thoughtful ballad, then setting the rhythm of the accentful mid-tempo composition, the tempo of which is impetuated by the impatient guitar solo rising up in the instrumental part with swift vortexes of musical artistry.
Sounds wobbling from side to side in the mid-tempo intro, then the guitars raise a gloomy veil of violent drive before the introduction of the vocal, embodying the whole atmosphere of the On Hollywood Boulevard main motive, the vocals complement it with fragments of their phrases.
The soft chimes of the guitar parts in the mysterious fog of the introduction cause a wave of romantic anticipations. Then these motifs hardens the The Eternal Black sound, becoming a more severe and persistent embodiment of Romanticism, all pumping and pumping the pace, increasing the driving component. Vocals seeks to untwist the flywheel of unrestrained instrumental rabies - but to finish the album in a swift race of musical refinements