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Perfect form does not need the extra description

August 04, 2018
Alight - Spiral Of Silence

The title track begins the Alight - Spiral Of Silence album with waves of misty sadness, introducing vocal phrases of waves of hope, circling in the bright reassuring vortex of the chorus. But the instrumental bridge again clouded the saddened atmosphere with romantic reflections.
Russian-language questions clarify the confidence in their choice, then The Portal verse pushes a storm of doubts, gloomy fog enveloping vocal phrases, rising in the bright whirlwind of the chorus, sparkling in the sunlight with an inspiring melody.
Romantic ballad Psiche wraps with thoughtful reflections, rolling waves of instrumental bridges of pulsating rhythms, returning in verses to a tender romance.
Beginning with notes of symphonic appeals to classical music, the vocals complement the sound with the sombre atmosphere of mysterious doubts, elevating their experiences to the top of the musical image in the Lost In The Past chorus.
The whirlwind of keyboard pushes is wrapping around the Walk To The Line musical stream that pulsates with rhythmic pulsing rhythms, the vocal connecting goes out to the dominant position, the other instruments surround the vocal phrases with caring motives, honoring them by so essential support.
Waves of dark uncertainty rolls in the Roses In The Dusk introduction, then the vocals create an atmosphere of doubtful uncertainty. The chorus precedes the interrogative intonation and in the chorus the dense musical canvas is combined with the vocal part into the consistent musical stream. Symphonic keyboards break finalizes the composition, anticipating a soft and sensual romance The Shame, slowly building up the sparkling temple of melodic laces. In the middle of the composition there is a male vocal, calling for a wave of rage and drive, but the gentle phrases of the singing lady brighten up the sound with melodious delights.
Continuing this alternation of gloomy musical passages with the thoughtfulness of the vocal part, ascending into the bright inspiration of the chorus, Look Closer song complements the album with its musical thoughts. Keyboard suite originates the sound of the Absence Of Essence main motive, stepping aside while connecting the other instrumental parts, opening the way for the music. The vocal party pulls the rest of the musical motifs aside, coming to the fore, returning the support of the accompaniment in the bridge before the chorus. Violin notes and keyboards passages set the symphonic sound, completing the album full of hopes and anticipations of future blessings with Let Me Touch The Horizon composition that gently and mysteriously gives honor and praise to classical music and symphonism.