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Imagination gives out unexpected pirouettes

February 14, 2021
Internal Darkness - Pathogen

The Downward Spiral guitar solo against the background of a soft and thoughtful chime creates an atmosphere of indescribable sadness, rolling out the musical canvas of the beginning of the Internal Darkness - Pathogen album with an instrumental composition that anticipates the Negative Affirmations... vocal monologue in musical passages that envelop these reflections with veils of vague hope.
A pensive guitar solo anticipates a wave of musical gloom, which develops the motives of the entry into the majestic sound of The Life You Lived and Ruined dark anthem that twists into majestic music the vocal part, which has hardened to screaming. The guitar solo echoes an obscure creak of mystical mystery, creating the Winds of Solitude instrumental reflection, followed by an intriguing pause, after which the Everything Wrong music slowly and unhurriedly enters into the development of the motives of the previous instrumental saga, complementing them with emotional vocal severity.
A round dance of guitar solo begins the musical narration of the Happy New Fear song with brooding passages, then surging up with sad vortices and vocal emotions filled with despair. The title track Pathogen begins with a brooding guitar solo creating a theme song, then complemented by twilight guitar rhythm and harsh vocal narration. The soft guitar fingering is complemented by muffled vocal confessions filled with despair and resentment, a distant rumble sounds against the background of the Molded into a Monster final composition of the album.