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A garden full of temptations

February 14, 2021
Zajac, Matt - Garden Of Hedon

The music in a leisurely procession creates a romantic atmosphere, wrapping the Welcome Song vocal part in a veil of hopeful inspiration. Setting the shades of blues in the intro, the Lady In White composition continues the Matt Zajac - Garden Of Hedon album in an atmosphere of light sadness, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
Condensing the musical procession to a harsh march, the guitar solo brings oriental motives to the sound of the Daisy Chain song. Drawing in a leisurely dance, the Reason To Sing composition enchants with a romantic ballad with a keyboard symphony in the background.
Inspirational charm of the Open Road romantic musical atmosphere carries the listener into the world of dreams, wrapping them in delicate musical laces. The Thrill Of The Chase music carries the rock'n'roll spirit into the rebellious festival, weaving the vocal part from the duet.
The soft ringing of guitar strings intertwines with the sublime artistry of keyboard passages, enveloping inspirational vocal phrases with the Sweet Forever song's musical charm. The Brother Judas sad ballad, entwining vocal reflections with crying violin motifs, concludes the album.