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Illusions and delusions gives rise to wrong thoughts

August 21, 2019
Unguilty - Reflections of Delusion

The painful atmosphere of gloomy fog creeps into the familiar world with the Discovering Life sad motives, long and painstakingly creating the foundation for the introduction of vocals and setting the style of the further musical narration of the Unguilty - Reflections of Delusion album with the wisdom of wise sadness.
After a brief pause, the music of The Abyss in Her Eyes composition retains a saddened style, but supplements it with changeable vocal phrases, alternating a muffled saddened whisper with growling growling phrases stretched along the tape of guitar motifs entangling vocal variations. Continuing to envelop the perception of waves of saddened romance, vocal phrases begins to narrate ... To Be Alone song at the forefront of the musical image, marching on the verge between clean vocals and growling. Then, the pulsating waves of medium-tempo musical narration carry vocal phrases along the path they have laid.
The most significant and extended composition A Dream That Fades into Reality embodies all album's features and builds the outline of the musical narrative on the development of the main motive, which in one way or another is the leitmotif of the album.