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The omnipresent god's avatar can be even the boar

August 21, 2019
Varaha - Varaha

The mesmerizing grandeur of musical motifs envelops in the Cubicle atmosphere of enchanting inspiration, creating a mesmerizing lace of musical passages. But then the music recedes for a while, releasing muffled vocal reflections on the front edge of the musical image. Then vocal phrases full of emotions are intertwined with musical tunes in a charming waltz, raising a cup of charming chorus. But then the vocals are transformed from a muffled whisper and emotional dreams into the demonic inspiration of a charming screaming, shrouded in threads of musical passages with dreamy chorales in the background.
A brief orchestral musical symphony La Mela gives the self titled band's album Varaha - Varaha a kind of saddened thoughtfulness and raises thoughts and thoughts to classical music, but the saxophone passage completes the instrumental saga and retreats before the harsh introduction of It Takes A Ghost To Kill A Ghost song, marching on a painful march, filled with doubts and gloomy forebodings by the procession. The vocal begins again with muffled thoughts, but then raises the smashing blade of demonic screaming, alternating these contrasts again and again and weaving the perception of the mystery of musical dusk into consciousness.