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Ignorance does not cast doubts

January 20, 2021
Nightblade - Ignorance Is Bliss

The title track starts the Nightblade - Ignorance Is Bliss album with rolling waves of restrained drive, then captivating the listener with the hit phrases of the vocal part and the charm of the melodic guitar passages. Fierce in the introduction, then the vocals and music of the Steering The Wheel song are woven into a mesmerizing mid-tempo dance. But the instrumental part whips up a disturbing intrigue, supplemented by vocal appeals.
The vocal part comes to the fore of the musical image, raising its doubts and questions on the musical banners of the Only You track. The Never Take For Granted song continues the album with the inspired charm of a bewitching ballad. The roar of the chainsaw sets the militant mood of the intro, but then the bass guitar comes to the fore, giving of the What If composition's sound shades of jazz and blues.
The Further From The Truth intro's guitar solo brings an atmosphere of mysterious doubt, then vocals and music are intertwined in a mesmerizing melody of a mysterious dance. The inspirational sound of the Take Me As I Am composition maintains a romantic mood, marching in the mid-tempo procession of the epic anthem.
The romantic mood of the music and vocals create the unrivaled sound of the Immune To It All ballad. Find The Strength Within charms with the melody of the main motive, captivating the listener to follow his dances, after which the Stop! ends the album with a rebellious drive.