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Blessed are the innocent

January 20, 2021
Strydegor - Isolacracy

The ticking clock and the mesmerizing keyboard solo with thunderstrikes and bad weather in the background create the atmosphere of the Strydegor - Isolacracy album's symphonic intro Beware the Beast Man, which continues with the Innocence Corroded furious musical thriller that preserves melodic notes and combines screaming and growling in vocals, retreating to the inspirational tunes of clean vocals, entwined with lace guitar solo. The storyteller's narrative, entwined with a bright guitar solo, enters into the sound of the Lucid epic saga, enchanting with the melody of musical passages, weaving clean vocals with chimes of guitar strings in ballad romanticism, but hardening the vocals with at times harsh growling. However, clean vocals remain in the foreground.
Intriguing intrigue notes create a path for muted vocal reflections to enter, then growling picks up the banner of the Stars and Strife mid-tempo march, calling for a hardening of the sound. Vocal severity, entwined with a twilight atmosphere of mystical mystery, walks in an obscure haze, preceding the World in Your Hands soft reflections of clean vocals. But then the music accelerates in a fast-paced race wrapped in sparkling guitar solo tape.
The Into the Unknown instrumental symphony with the chime of the keyboard passages creates the atmosphere of the introduction of the Escape composition, the musical essence of which is based on the dispute between growling and clean vocals. Carrying into the world of mystical wonders and incredible discoveries by the melodic guitar solo of the intro, the Enemy Inside song complements the rhythm with progressive fracture with the introduction of vocals, then accelerating the musical tempo.
Combining symphony and severity in sound, the As April Slowly Fades complements this impressive musical essence with vocal variations, anticipating the final composition of the album Oceans with the unrestrained unrestrained drive.