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If you not faced, no use to run - but revenge will ever come

May 23, 2016
Constantinopolis (Sabhankra) - Revenge

A lot of opinions has much more meanings, all can be changed by one way - Constantinopolis (Sabhankra) - Revenge.
The hysterical cry begins the story, continued by brass band about that destined to You Will Die. Vocals paces forward with no hurry, target the enemies to hit - they has to be injured.
Since you have to die, but do not agree - just lay down the enemy, because One Shall Fall. The rhythm and pace isn't like drums, but like galloping clatter of horses hooves on road!
Scum and necromancers curses Cursed Sword, on the background can be heard the hammer blows on the anvil. But the sword beats path to its owner by its destructive power, strength and sharp-edged blade! Just hit the way!
Warcries, battle anthem starts the narration of the Immortal Son. This narration is confident and smooth, guitar like a flag in hand, interrupting for a bit by orchestra with battle anthem, then accelerates its journey to the unexplored depths of the mysterious expanses.
Acoustic guitar, distant elven flutes starts title fairy tale, Revenge to all those who deserve only mind you - here you are alone! Instrumental part gives some respite lone avenger, next faster pace of vocal insignia, then confession and story about deeds - done or not.
Lengthy, tightened entry that changes the rhythm and pace on his stretch, slowing sharply after outcry Eternal Rage, sprawling, leisurely vocals broadcasting continues, then infuriates instruments attack the listener fiercely and viciously. Then unhurried vocals overcomes all again.
The vocals are not waiting for their turn, from the very beginning attacking the listener fiercely and violently. That's means Hate! Then vocals pace slowed down and other band supports it as well.
Fabulously melodic riff starts I Will Die With Your Love. That's not a ballad, mid tempo story about the vital necessity. Instrumental part calmed to ballad, but then accelerate its pace again.
Gloomy, frightening, mysterious entry ready to accept Nightmare in further path, which accelerated to a large extent - from this nightmare better run away, but nightmare pulls the fabric of time, approaching to hazardous proximity.
Fast, hurried start of To Die For A Lie shows that there's no time to think - hard to die for that, but not everyone knows about it!
The tune, sung by organ in dreams of people who listen to this music begins Abandoned By The Gods tale, it accelerates further way, from time to time relaxing around the campfire, then with new forces continuing the journey, despite the ban of Gods.