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Unique possible direction - only confession

May 23, 2016
Hatebreed - The Concrete Confessional

Confession can be blurred, steep, fuzzy, unclear, vague, and sometimes Hatebreed - The Concrete Confessional .
Currently, nowadays, not so long ago, A.D. in a word starts fast and active, ends with a leisurely meditation - what will happen next?
Rhythmically swaying is a story about Looking Down The Barrel Of Today, the looks for not a sleep, not how to rest - the just want to be the best.
Hammering the notes and rhythm like heaviest hammer on an anvil, Seven Enemies followed their way, without haste, but without sparing anyone in their path - the hammer does not get tired to thresh!
Slow bottomhole entry of In The Walls changing with fast and hasty sequel, which vocals is catching up with all of forces the accompaniment!
Stringy, unhurried intro of From Grace We've Fallen describes the beginning of the perception of those who are deprived of God's grace. Then a slight acceleration in the verse and a return to slow confession in the chorus.
Us Against Us after a brief training - is accompanied by his best catches vocals, although, guitar doesn't wish to. It ends with a slow, unhurried hammering nails in the coffin.
Thoughtful guitar brute force opens Something's Off to further pace, not hurrying to the end, rhythmically swaying and trying to drive the thought by drums and other instruments - something went wrong!
There are those who are in need of attention, and some just need Remember When. Slowly, persistently paves its way forward after the reminder.
Slaughtered In Their Dreams swinging from side to side, narrate about how to eradicate all forms of dreams.
The Apex Within begins with a chant, then raises tempo for a bit, then chant returns to briefly slow down the pace. Wolfs don't sleep, so be ready for that!
You know what's worse? Walking The Knife will tell you about it. Narrating about it at a medium pace, without haste but without hesitating.
After a brief preparation Dissonance starts to thrash ears by its riffs. But in the chorus dissonance slows its pace, clearly explaining - ho hard to discord!
Serve Your Masters well! In Hell! Repeating this mantra, rhythmic hammering fraction rhythm to servants - they have to understand that! And - track breaks! The End!