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If will rush only blindly - so can't get nothing worthy

February 16, 2017
Gods Of Steam - Illuminate My Mind

Calm, pleasant and features motifs will help Gods Of Steam - Illuminate My Mind , now and later!
Sad reflections develops in intelligent wise pattern, that embodies in the The Raven Song ballad, covering doubts in your knowledge, wrapping with gentle instructive voice and exquisite lace of instrumental delights.
Exquisite heavenly guitar fingering starts the title track Illuminate My Mind, which continues to melancholy reflections about future accomplishments, demanding to specify the correct path and illuminate the mind with mind with enlightenment wisdom of ideas and philosophy of knowledge.
Leisurely quiet story about the own fears Fear Of The Deep, which may be defeated only if can recognize and identify them at all. These reflections leitmotif runs through as brief they passage impressive, completing every beat with its sound.
The desert wind bear the exotic motifs of solitude steppe Black Sand. Viscous persistent primary motive aggressively promotes vocal phrases to incarnation of its fierce and concern anger in the next bridge and chorus.
Melancholic tune As The Snow Flies brings memories of past experiences, carrying the main motif in sparkling shimmering guitar, providing a foundation for their calm and impressive bass passages.
Ghost of solitude carries the shabby banner trough its sad and thoughtful path, disseminating with its Distant Voice the spirit of thoughtful reflection and despondency.
After sorrowful lyrics and sad melancholy spirit of rock'n'roll brings in Storm In The Gutter breath of wind of hope, not dispelling melancholy romance, however.
Notes of a pensive blues brings a hesitant emotion On Her Way, embodies them into calm and measured tones.
Impressions from a mysterious journey into uncharted lands surrounding vortices guitar riffs accompany into the mythical land from Shangri La legends.
Sad Four Winds ballad with its thoughts, shrouded in veils of ghostly light guitar riffs ends the album, full of quiet meditative reflections.