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If insanity so nice - you can show it playfully

May 20, 2016
If insanity so nice - you can show it playfully

Night brings pitch darkness, motiveless fear and also Primitai - Night Brings Insanity.
The path is not close, so Black Rider have to overcome it quickly 'till the dreamy confesion in the middle.
Savage Skies flows cyclically and rhythmically, without changing the pattern and keeping a fairly dense structure of the composition, although not fast vocals.
Not a rapid onset obsessive guitar, do not let go of your attention starts title Night Brings Insanity Well, insanity pretty controlled, guitar from the intro does not release all over song as well.
The rhythmic, melodic memorable guitar intro accelerates its pace when vocals joins to the Power Surge, later, in chorus, it asks to feel it!
Compacted and saturated melody, finding musical flesh and vocal blood you can hear in My Last Escape. Midtempo, not mongering the severity and complexity of perception, the music increases the density and saturation!
Rapid trembling guitar intro of Falling Embers slows down later, to support vocals pace. Ringing guitar opens instrumental part, starting the guitar solo, what over a brief confession.
Conclusion Forgone ballad opens the space of existence, leading guitars modulations in the space of reflection of past and future. What to do - something is missing, but something will remind!
Not all was caught on daytime, and therefore we need the Night Hunter, that late at night do not miss the trail of a criminal.
The rhythmic, killer, dancin' intro of Brace For Storms calmed down its pace before the vocal intrudes in that merry tempo. In the middle, there's a slow ballad piece ends with the instrumental solo, 'till it ends the last verse.