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Wall of death, thrash'n'smash - that's bushido for someone!

May 19, 2016
Impaler (JPN) - Eternal Hatred

Hard, dense, slow started In Terror rise their pace after the intro, mixed fast parts with dense and harsh in its instrumental intro of the Impaler (JPN) - Eternal Hatred
Title track extend that way of life on new horizons, Eternal Hatred not afraid of their own destiny, willing to bear the name - whether they samurai or ronin!
Jump, without stops and pauses we skip, all of us are Son of Satan, that multiplied in the chorus, after that music slows down for a bit to accomplish that phrase!
We skip, jump, not calming down in the hustle crush with drive of the Concussion. No sense to calm down now!
We continue to rage and throw out the emotions in the Ash, raises the pace in start, slowed it down in their bridge before the chorus and returns it back to fastest!
Troll Grave (HakaArashi) burial procession starts slowly ... but quickly come to the end.
After the funeral of troll is necessary to revive the mood and ambience, the worst way of it - that's Sodomination!
Bang, hit, smash - then fast ride started, verse flows quickly and lifefull, 'till the chorus rhythmically repeat Thrash Garlic Alien!
Bas guitar solo open the path of F.E.A.R., that much faster after joining of vocals, a bit slower in chorus to repeat that that's shame to be feared!
They don't propose to kill Overkill, but much varied and interesting song, playing with pace and style is exactly that name - Kill Over Kill! Let tradition immutable, but they prefer to be so Fast is Justice, as they can! Fast pace of song, comin' til deliberation of chorus and slowed downin the instrumental part proves it! Quickly come to a decision, slowly and cogently incarnate it!