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Icy glaze protects legends from aging

May 23, 2018
Sabhankra - From The Frozen Mountains

The swift, unrestrained vortex of doubt flies in the frosty breath of a stern blizzard, curling in the sparkling tunnel of the snow cover. Then, vocal enters into the Crushed Under The Fists Of The New Reign song's gates, around which a guitar solo twists around with a melodic ribbon. In the chorus, rage and anger are compressed in a tight drive, tightening the musical canvas.
Expecting danger from all sides, focusing attention on obscure phantom charms They Are Everywhere track continues the musical blizzard, concentrating more anxiety and doubt in the frosty magic of the Sabhankra - From The Frozen Mountains album, in the bridges and choruses pensively and unhurriedly unrolling the mid-tempo musical procession, paying more attention to keyboard additions.
The mid-tempo march with mysterious keyboards notes on the My Thirst For Blood background is fascinated by the gloomy fog of impenetrable haze, enveloping the procession with obscure images in which the shadows of ancestors and nature spirits appear. In the chorus the musical image thickens, in the instrumental extravaganza uprising the northern folklore motifs to the top of the sound, supporting the keyboard solo with a powerful and dense musical foundation.
Keyboard passages, hiding on the background of the It Burns main motive of the retinue of guitar riffs, attract more attention, complementing other instruments with a charming canopy, enclosing vocal phrases in the magical mist of the mystical atmosphere, pulsing mid-tempo exquisitions, confidently developing the ancient chronicle. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo picks up the pace, sweeping in a rush, urging the vocal phrases to follow the accelerated tempo.
Resting in the relaxing respite after the impetuous impulses of an energetic drive, The Last To Stand overwhelms the album with frosty romance, changing the vocal style from screaking to a romantic growling, enveloped in the charming glittering melodic dome of thoughtful and enchanting ballad motifs.
The main motive is hanging with a solemn whirlwind, enveloping the valorous vocal wails with a charming melody, twisting the guitar passages into the sparkling breath of the magic spirits, pouring out the blinding triumph with the northern winds against the background. So majestic title track From The Frozen Mountains crowns the album with its enchanting precious sound.