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We will fly away in a fit of musical inspiration

May 22, 2018
The Voltz - Thrill Ride

The title track begins The Voltz - Thrill Ride album cheerfully and enthusiastically, the vocal joyfully raises its phrases in a musical extravaganza, anticipating further outbursts of fortune and restless entertainment. After the enthusiastic fun there is a thoughtful and alarmed composition, constantly and continuously reminding Who Cares - that nobody cares about your problems, adversities and experiences. In the instrumental solo artistry and broken dreams arises.
The eternally young rock'n'roll spirit asks What's Your Name and rebels against all of the fetters and bans, the vocals complement the sharp playfulness and energy of the rejuvenating dispute, charging the desire for will and the denial of any restrictions.
Growing throbbing expectation, the Desperate main motive envelops vocal meditations, concealing thoughts and doubts with a sombre alarming musical cover that covers dark temptations and unholy schemes.
Developing a pulsating manner and supplementing it with rebellous atmosphere, the fate of a rocking desire for will 1 brings thoughtfulness and anxiety to vocal phrases - indicating that changes on their Dangerous Road does not occurs without any adversity and problems.
But the romantic ballad charmingly and calmly beginning with an acoustic chime of strings, continuing in a thoughtful voice sums it up - for the improvement of the world it is simply necessary to Movin' On, nothing else can achieve perfection of the universe.
Offering the development of the backlogs laid down in the previous composition, Let's Rock song inspires the return of the same eternally young spirit, pointing out how one can always and forever remain in an unrestrained movement, rolling the mid-tempo march with an inspiring ballad.
Distracted from the music festival, concert riot and continuous fun, the vocalist asks the question Where Is the Party?... concluding the album with the expectation of subsequent concerts and festivals.