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I haven't seen that - it means that's impossible

March 07, 2017
Exhibit X - Suburban Paranoia

Youth recklessly and wildly rushes, stop even Exhibit X - Suburban Paranoia can't stop them!
The introduction Taking The Pain entices by extraordinary sound, enslaves with the idea of the inevitability of what is happening, but drive and nervousness return to thoughts about the surrounding problems. The vocals outrage the nervousness with their sound even more!
Toughly and nervously argue about what and how it should be around! Starting with a melted, viscous melody - we break into an energetic and abrupt drive, creating tough impulses of rebellious energy, so we state that Request Denied anyway!
Tightly, rigidly and eccentrically dancing, changing rhythm and pace Beaten, I Won't Be plays with feelings and emotions in its unpredictable dance.
Starting as romantic ballad, continuing to extol feelings above thoughts and prejudices, title track Exhibit X continues with nervous experiences, refracting the various facets of sensations through each other.
Rushing into an angry battle, Weaponize dislocates the vigorous whirlpool of emotions, the whirlwind of struggle and the flow of drive. But in the instrumental passage the sublime melody brings the spirit of serenity that reigns in the angelic silence. But the bellicosity prevails and dominates, completing the composition with a violent jerk!
Viscously starting with a short break, b>Mindless breaks down in a furious drive, knocking thoughtlessly and blindly any resistance, juggling with a rhythm in a violent cross-over.
Tough, powerful, rhythmically I Remain establishes its statements firmly and unabashedly! The blow, another blow - and the vocal chords complete instrumental rigidity with their fierce and demanding wails, states - I remain!
The sharp and energetic drive of the verse, which causes nervous shudder, develops into the melancholic lyrics of the chorus chanting One Day You'll Die. You have to die - so today or tomorrow?
Stunning doubts in the beginning of the Vicious Cycle grows into a harsh vocals, who can not agree with the fate that awaits him - argues, argues, resents, shouting! Argh!
Powerful and unyielding drive World Of Black slowly and energetically focused and concentrated, attacking us with all of its skills and abilities! But the melodic enslaves attempts, creating a romantic doom, embodying it in the anticipation of the guitar solo and it all. But the fury does not recede and returns, having accumulated unrestrained anger, to the completion of the composition.
Super-title Suburban Paranoia completes the album with sharp and concise impulses of melodic strokes and sharp gusts.