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Everyone will see the radiance of sequins in their own way

March 08, 2017
Lord Of The Lost - Empyrean (Deluxe Edition)

Powerfully, pleasantly and confidently Lord Of The Lost - Empyrean (Deluxe Edition) (CD 1) creates an atmosphere of attractive desires and fascinating dreams. !
Slowly, firmly and tightly romance combined with the power, creating an image of the Miss Machine. In the bridge before the chorus, nervousness creates the basis for an emotional surge and instrumental frills in the chorus - followed by a powerful blow of instrumental rabies. And this is again and again!
Visually, viscously and forcefully arguing, Drag Me to Hell enthralls the flow of doubts in the whole surrounding space, striking with a hot stream in the chorus. But the triumph overflows with the depth of its sound, combined with nervous vocal phrases and a symphony distorted by modern means.
The musical palette retreats in the verse of the The Love of God, bringing the vocal phrases to the fore, but in the chorus they unite in a single image, combining vocal delights in duet.
Cautious vocal phrases pose anxiety in intro and verse of the Raining Stars, bursting out in an emotional explosion of unrestrained energy in the chorus.
Romantic clouds envelop the impenetrable fog of a romantic, dreamy ballad In Silence, sometimes exploding inclusions of screaming vocals.
The viscous, impenetrable fog of impatience, pent up in thoughtful delights, gathers to the haze clubs of Black Oxide, combining male and female vocals in verses and choruses.
Verses of the Interstellar Wars pushes viscous, powerful phrases, venturing into a dreamy flight in a melodic and captivating chorus, incarnating in refined cosmic motifs and tunes in instrumental bridges.
Dancing motifs of wild and untamed zombies, evil ghosts and careless ghouls discourage all other visitors Doomsday Disco. There's can be unique Dance clubs! So hardcore!
Disco continues its free interpretation of youth entertainment, leaning towards harsh phrases, indicating that the punishment will be the Death Penalty.
Thoughtfully, powerfully and persistently composition creates a hard, unwavering foundation for approval - No Gods, No War! Delicate pensive vocal phrases are combined with magnificent instrumental melodies in a wonderful ballad The Interplay of Life and Death, creating so perfect example of the neo-classical symphony! Play and listen - again and again, forever and ever!
Dreamy images of cosmic beings are floating around, creating a beautiful dreamy atmosphere of cloudy castles that creates Utopya realm, beckoning to its irresistibly desired impulses.
Dreamy romance is envelopes with so pleasant sweetish haze, creating a soft vocal whisper an attractive atmosphere that raises to the lofty peak of the imaginary Olympus Where Is All the Love, completing the album's first disc.

Starting with a wonderful symphonic saga, Lord Of The Lost - Empyrean (Deluxe Edition) (CD 2) turns into thick and dense gloomy fog, culminating in a gentle musical phrase.
A wonderful neo-classical orchestration Adonai created by cellos, with the support of other instruments, inspires an unforgettable instrumental inspiration.
A calm, thoughtful ballad Lament for the Condemned continues the melodic saga, creating a thoughtfulness, detached from everyday misfortune, over which a wonderful key passage of the main motive is hanging. But the instruments explode in an exquisite, crazy burst, calming down only after it.
Medieval motifs of court herolds create a solemn and pathos atmosphere, Now We Are the Aliens unites thoughtful whisper to blend into a wonderful and exalted image with the piano's chords.
Ragged, hot-tempered whirlwind vortex uplifts a storm, calming down in a gentle chorus, assuring Lost in Oblivion in the future, being in the dance of passions and among impetuous confessions.
Futuristic delights of cybernetic organisms with space key passages bring the spirit of the future, distorting the vocal story by turns of Traveller's Wounds temporal distortions.
Wishing on a Scar completes the second disc and the whole album, breaking the musical palette with its own shades, changing the outlines of the images of their motives.