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I feel love

January 17, 2022
Kave, Karl -  Lieber Vorw

The musical originality and commitment to the leitmotif with the twilight vocal mystery of the Sorglose Maa song begins the musical narrative of the Karl Kave - Lieber Vorwarts album, creating the background atmosphere with the bass guitar part and crowning the vocal part with the keyboard artistry. The pulsing rhythm section creates a rhythmic background for the Dekoration vocals reflections and the ascension of guitars and keyboards motifs.
The romantic musical motifs of the Iiskalte See intro combine with motifs of synth-pop musical passages, wrapping a musical canvas around pensive vocals proclamations, continuing similar stylistic musical variations in the sound of the Lieber Vorwarts title track, in which the vocals lyrics sound like a subdued mystery.
Musical sacrament combines with vocal obscurity in a twilight sounding mystical haze, enveloping the Mit zu Dir main motif in ghostly vocals chants. The music is captivating with exciting motifs, complementing the sound of the Biz und d Luut go track with vocal reflections.
The sound of the Schwarzwiisi Traum song is assertive, unyielding, and insistent, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, anticipating the rebellious conclusion of the album in the futuristic incarnation of the Schleifemensch composition.